Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quiz -21

Q.1. Identify and put fundae .

Q.2.What incident is portrayed below. The incident and its aftermath are discussed in NCERT textbooks used and referenced widely throughout India.

Q.3. This work, an 1893 tempera, prompted its creator to write, “I painted the clouds like real blood. The colors are shrieking.” The figure in the foreground appears in the form of ectoplasm,with its arms bent upward and its head stripped bare of skin. Inspired by a hallucinatory experience suffered by the artist, identify the artist and the art work .

Q.4. Connect .

Q.5. On 6th July, 1535, a gentlemen condemned to die for high treason kissed his executioner on the cheek and joked with him that since his beard had done no wrong it did not deserve the axe. Laying his head on the block, he carefully made sure his beard would not be cut. Who went to his martyr's death so cheerfully?

Q.6.Below is the smart "Micro compact car“. It was designed primarily for urban use in European cities, where parking is scarce and fuel economy is of great importance .This was manufactured by which company in collaboration with Daimler AG ?

solve and submit the answer at before the 26th April 9 pm with the subject answers to quiz 21 - date with your name. Then again next and results will be uploaded.

Happy Quizzing :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

quiz - 20

Q.1.Identify the advertiser of this print ad. ( nice ad btw :P )

A. Mercedes S class ad

Q.2. easy one. Put fundae.

A. MGM lion roar recording

Q.3. Connect . ( recent)

A. sabeer bhatia ( nano city , arzoo, hotmail , tanya sharma )

Q.4. Another connect .( back to childhood :P)

A. london bridge is falling down

Q.5. Identify both . ( i love the stories :) )

A. alice and queen of hearts

Q.6. Identify .( the older version of something )

A. old spice

Results :

Indu -6
ronnie -5
suraj -2
sishir- 3
srihari -5
abhisek -4
raghunath -5
desktopdevil ( ??) -6
sarthak -6

Happy Quizzing [:)]

Friday, December 21, 2007

quiz 19...Q_rious is back

Q.1.Explain the significance of this famous photograph.

Ans. The execution of Mussolini, his mistress, and others...their dead bodies were hung upside down for public display at Milan..

Q.2.Explain the blank space.

Ans. Ramnath Goenka’s famous blank editorial as a protest to press censorship imposed during the emergency in 1975.

Q.3.Fill in the blank


Ans.Steve(Steve Irwin).

Q.4.Identify and connect.

Ans. All 4 are the queens depicted in the pack of cards: judith, argine, rachel, pallas

Q.5. Connect. (a very specific one)

Ans.The six aircraft companies shortlisted for India's MRCA tender: Dassault (Rafale), EADS (Typhoon), Mikoyan (MiG-35), Saab, Boeing, Lockheed Martin.

Q.6. Connect.

Ans.Merrill Lynch

pic 1-"Wall Street Meat" is co-authored by Henry Blodget of Merrill Lynch.
pic 2 ,3 -Jyotir aditya Scindia and Jack Ryan worked for Merrill Mynch
pic 4-John Thain , CEO of Merrill Lynch

Q.7. Again a connect.

Ans. "The battle of evermore " song

Scores :

Sarthak mishra -6
Pranav -3
Anubhav Chatarjee - 1
Varun Shenoy -1
Mihir Shah -4
Raj kamal .vasu -1
karan .s -2.5
Prahlad .s - 3
Shantanu -1
Rahul Raj -2
Mohit Modi -4
Gowathm -4
Rama nathan -5
SSK..(???) -1

Sunday, November 25, 2007

quiz -18

Q.1.Put Fundae.

Ans :Blair Witch project

You can see another such poster also.

Q.2. Connect.

Ans :The Count of MonteChristo

pic 1- Alexandre Dumas , the author
pic 2-Château d'If
pic 3-Statue of Abbé Faria next to the Old Secretariat in Panaji
pic 4-James Caviezel who did the role of jesus christ in "The Passion of the Christ" also played the role of Edmond Dantès in the 2002 movie "The Count of MonteChristo'

Q.3.These 5 siblings inspired something very famous. Put funda.

Ans: Saving Private Ryan.

They are the Sullivan brothers who all died during the same incident in World War II, the sinking of the light cruiser USS Juneau.As a direct result of the Sullivans' deaths, the U.S. War Department adopted the Sole Survivor Policy. So it inspired the movie "Saving Private Ryan"


Ans: Books by Thomas Harris on Hanibal Lecter

pic 1 - "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun" painting by William Blake - inspired the book " Red Dragon"

pic2-In Voluptas Mors, 1951, photo by Philippe Halsman. Used in miniature in "The Silence of the Lambs" advertising poster.

pic 3- "Hannibal" ,the Carthaginian military commander

pic 4-Gaspard Ulliel who played the role of hannibal lecter in "Hannibal rising"

Q.5.Identify him

Ans: Seth Godin ( the "purple cow" fame)

Q.6.This monk is credited with the invention of a very famous drink. Identify the drink.


Ans: Champagne , the monk is "Dom Pierre Pérignon"


Ans : Famous ads by David Ogilvy

Q.8. Identify the sport.

Ans: Sepak Takraw

Q.9 .Connect.


pic 1- Ajax ,the mythological Greek hero in trojan war

pic 2-AFC Ajax

pic 3-Google uses "AJAX" scripting language

Q.10. Connect.

Ans: Treaty of Park Avenue

The movie still shown is from the movie 15, Park Avenue. The pictures are of Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke.

The Asimov-Clarke Treaty of Park Avenue, put together as Asimov and Clarke were travelling down Park Avenue in New York while sharing a cab ride, stated that Asimov was required to insist that Arthur C. Clarke was the best Science Fiction writer in the world (reserving second best forhimself), while Clarke was required to insist that Isaac Asimov was the best Science writer in the world (reserving second best for himself)

Nice attempts were made and a lot of ppl participated. Kudos to all.


Vineet -6
manas -4
Rahul Raj -6
Srinivas -5
Adwait Prasad -4
Gowtham -5
Rama Nathan -8
Shivmani -6
Mohit Modi-6
Jolly Rover -4

Happy Quizzing.